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So let FR Auto Detail help you protect one of your most significant financial investments. Here are five other considerations.

• Your Health. A dirty car interior can quickly fill up with dust mites and allergens that can have a negative affect on your respiratory system.

• Your Cleaning Techniques. Of course you can stop at the local car wash and use one of those high-suction vacuums, but these are not as effective as you might think. FR Auto Details has access to the top-notch cleaning tools that do the job right.

• Resale Value. At some point you will say goodbye to your faithful car or truck. When you try to sell it yourself or take it to a car dealer, a good looking and well maintained vehicle will always sell quicker and fetch a higher price.

• New Car Feel. Regular detailing by FR Auto Detail is the best and the smartest way to keep your car looking sharp without having to pony up a lot of money to buy a brand new vehicle.

• Your Image. Although there are a few people out there who apparently don’t mind driving around in a rusty old beater with mismatched paint splotches and a lot of dings and dents, you are probably not one of them. A regular detail job is an easy and relatively inexpensive way of marking a good impression on your friends and neighbors.